Fleet Information


Volvo Trucks have played a major part in Hanbury Riverside’s stock, past, present and in the future. Our Volvo stock comprises the leading FH13 with 460, 500 and 750 BHP engines and the Globetrotter XL cab. They are available as a 6x2 tractor unit with mid or rear lift axles. We also now have a selection of the latest model Volvo FH4 models in stock, with the 500 BHP Euro 5 I-Shift driveline. Most models are available in Euro 5 and Euro 6 specification.


Scania Trucks continue to play a part in Hanbury Riverside’s stock, both present and future. Available as an R series with a Topline Cab as a 6x2 configuration, with Euro 5 engines and two pedal or three pedal Scania Opticruise gearboxes.


DAF Trucks have been a consistent contender in the Hanbury Riverside Stock list, again in the past and for the present and future. We feature the very popular XF105 and new Euro 6 with Super Space Cab and the well proven 460 and 510 BHP engines, to both Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standard. The 6x2 axle configuration is the optimum choice.


Renault has, in the past, been a vehicle that Hanbury Riverside have stocked. We do not have any Renault trucks in stock at present but will do our best to meet your requirements.

Mercedes Benz

We now regularly stock the exciting new latest  Actros model, with the BigSpace or GigaSpace cab, featuring the Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines and PowerShift gearbox.